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In Ayurveda treatment consists of four basic forms, namely - medicine or drug therapy, pancha (five) karma (actions/systems), dietary regime and regulation of lifestyle. It works in two fundamental ways - cure and prevention. The preventive aspect of treatment is further subdivided into swastha varta (personal hygiene) - consisting of dinacharya (daily routine), ritucharya (seasonal corrections) and sadachara (appropriate behaviour) - rasayana & vajikarana(rejuvenation&virlification)andyoga.
The Ayurvedic curative aspect consists of three parts antati parimaijana (internal medicine) - consisting of samsodhana (internal purification through panchakarma) and samsamana

(curative action) - external medicine as massage,use of pastes & powders and finally surgical treatment.

The deep cleansing process, unique to Ayurveda, which enables the body to release excess doshas and toxins from its cells and expel them is called Panchakarma, which basically denotes detoxification or elimination of toxins from the body. Although the human body is considered as a great, intelligent, natural healing system capable of rejuvenating itself, the formation of toxins reduces this natural capacity. It is then that Panchakarma plays a crucial role in that correction.


During the 500-600 B.C., Agasthya, Charaka, Sushrutha, Kashyapa, etc. the very knowledgeable philosophers churned from the vedas the references to all illness, diseases, drug-medicines and compiled the samhitas. It is from this samhitas that the physicians later absorbed the knowledge of Ayurveda and applied them for Preventing as well as curing illness. Ayurveda is not only the ancient Indian science of preventative health and healing but also a philosophy of living.

Ayurveda removes the cause of disease and re-establishes balance to our system. According to Ayurveda, we are composed of three bodies physical, astral, causal ie body, mind and soul. The earth existed billions of years before our arrival, which is mere three and a half million years ago. As our planet ages and we grow in universal wisdom & come to know the beauty of cosmic magnetism among all life forms.


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